Wolf among Us Requirements

We have the requirements for other games developed by the same company. These are the PC specifications recommended by developers to work with minimal and recommended settings. These requirements are usually very approximate, but can still be used to determine the indicative material level you need to play the game. I`m pretty sure I could run smoothly with the highest settings, but I`m more worried about RAM, it looks like a game that wants to get the most out of my RAM, so do you think I`d have an enjoyable experience? I played TWD on PS3, so I can`t change because of saving games, so I decide to get it for PC. 😀 I`m sure you can play with 2GB even at a low level, but 3GB is for smooth gameplay and no parts delayed or caused a problem, but doesn`t have enough RAM, that`s why Thay said 3GB how I`m going to be able to play high or is my GPU not good enough? What settings do you recommend for my platform? What about FPS? You need at least 2 GB of free hard disk space to install The Wolf Among Us. The minimum memory requirements for The Wolf Among Us is 3 GB of RAM installed on your computer. If possible, make sure you have 4GB of RAM to fully enjoy The Wolf Among Us. Assuming you have at least an NVIDIA GeForce 7200 GS graphics card, you can play the game. However, according to the developers, the recommended graphics card is an ATI FireGL V7350.

To play The Wolf Among Us, you need at least one processor equivalent to an Intel Core 2 Duo Q6867. Can I run this at an acceptable FPS or do I have to settle for Med? Check out the PC specifications required for some other popular games similar to the one reviewed. The creators of the game of the year 2012: The Walking Dead offer a thriller based on the award-winning Fables comics. As a Bigby Wolf, you`ll discover that a brutal and bloody murder is just a taste of what`s to come in a series of games where every decision you make can have huge consequences. Well, I think your 3GB of RAM will help you try to work, I`m counting on this platform:) Your PC will “fly” at a low level of at least 60 fps; On Med 60 fps, and max, 50-60 fps a little lagged when loading the input, but the rest of the game. Low to ultra smoke with maximum 😉 AA What`s that? 3 GB? What for? I mean, the game doesn`t look that tiring. Excellent game, and I can run it low graphics at 720p. About 30-45 fps even 60 sometimes. Low probably, but you still need to reduce your resolution. Well, I`ll play it if that`s as much as you say 😛 This game is extremely awesome.

It`s been a while since I enjoyed the story of the game:D Dying to play episode 3. I liked it so much at 1024×768 low, you should be able to get a good FPS 🙂 I duno, but you can certainly play on all the maximum settings without delay. Most likely high or ultra settings with a smooth fps rate. Hopefully, your RAM won`t cause any problems. Here you can see the rating of the user of the game, as well as rate it yourself. Here you can ask questions about The Wolf Among Us, agree or disagree with our reviews, or report errors and inaccuracies on the site. Thanks, I`ll try the game 🙂 I have 2GB of RAM btw I don`t think this game uses 3GB of RAM, you`ll be fine with 2GB of RAM 🙂 Of course you can. I play at 45-60fps, your GPU is 75% better than mine.

What settings should I play with and what frame rate should I 🙂 Have?.