Whole Of-Government Legal Services Panel Queensland

The Expert Group was established as a coordinated procurement in the context of competitive value for money based on an open market approach. The panel is managed by AGD and was created on August 15, 2019. The panel aims to make better use of the Commonwealth`s purchasing power and improve the effectiveness of the Commonwealth`s cooperation with external legal service providers. Participating agencies can also directly access AGS legal services and do not have to use the panel`s flexibility framework or request an exemption from the use of the panel. Linked works cannot be purchased via the portal, please contact AGS or the corresponding linked supplier directly. Information and resources to help members of the public understand their rights and responsibilities when interacting with the legal profession. Unlike departments, entities that opt for the commission`s arrangement do not have to use the list exclusively. A centrally coordinated panel manager manages performance and monitors and reports on panel layout to drive continuous improvement. The Director of the Unit is the Director of the Legal Services Coordination Unit of the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney-General. Legal Services is jointly managed by the Ministry of Energy and Public Works (EPW) and the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG), with EPW acting as Director and DJAG as Panel Manager. Suppliers are required to report annually on the number of hours of pro bono legal work performed by counsel within the provider`s organization (as reported to the Centre as part of the national pro bono objective). Only eligible clients may purchase legal services under the panel agreement. Eligible clients include: Redlich Holding is appointed to the Queensland Whole of Government Legal Services Panel in the following 9 categories of legal services: Panel providers may provide services in one or more of the legal/service area categories.

Panel suppliers are listed in the Queensland Contracts Directory. The Professional Services of General Goods and Services sub-category manages all professional services of the government, including finance, audit, economics, human resources, management, policy, agile project and program management, procurement, probity and legal services. The panel consists of 14 legal categories and a service area for legal resources. The fact sheet on categories of legal services (PDF, 294.0 KB) contains a description of each category. Providers should also note that the Office of the Public Trustee`s Law Counsel is also a provider of legal services in the real estate sector, and this agreement will continue. This is a statewide agreement with 39 suppliers in 3 subcategories and 17 specializations. The specialisations in the 3 sub-categories are: We work with our Queensland clients to understand their challenges and goals. We know how important it is to add value to everything we do and avoid unnecessary costs to taxpayers. We do this by allocating adequate resources, offering competitive and flexible pricing agreements and offering a range of value-added services. Crown Law is a leading provider of legal services to the Queensland Government. Legal services, as described in the Tied Work Guidelines, must be provided by the Crown Act.

With respect to unfettered labour, Queensland Government departments may decide to use Crown Law, a sign supplier or a lawyer. The Commission does not amend the current agreements with Crown Law, and divisions may continue to use Crown law by effect in addition to designated firms. The statewide Board consists of over 14 specialist legal practitioners operating across Australia in a wide range of service expertise. Information on the competition, consumer and tax panels is available on websites managed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (www.accc.gov.au) and the Australian Taxation Office (www.ato.gov.au). To maximize opportunities for regional businesses and ensure flexibility, departments can deploy regional law firms outside the panel without requesting an exemption for work done in a region for matters up to $15,000. Redlich Holding is a trusted legal advisor to more than 65 local governments. All applications must be sent to the panel.manager@justice.qld.gov.au by email. The portal was created by the Department of the Attorney General (AGD) to provide Commonwealth authorities with access to the legal services of the entire Australian Government Legal Services Unit (the Unit) or the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS). For more details on using the panel, see the Legal Services Panel Buyer`s Guide, available to clients on QCD. Queensland Government departments must use either the panel or the Crown Act for all requirements relating to external legal services provided by lawyers, subject to limited exceptions. For more information on Queensland`s pro bono terms, please refer to the Standing Offer Arrangement Details document, in particular: General SOA information is available to customers in the Queensland Contracts Directory (QCD). Pricing, as well as the legal expertise and experience of key personnel for each of the panels, are panel.manager@justice.qld.gov.au available to clients via email.

Redlich Holding appreciates the long-term goals set out in the Queensland Government`s Unite and Recover plan. We are committed to providing pragmatic, commercial and tailored legal services and advice in key areas such as health, education, infrastructure, regional growth and the environment that help the Queensland Government achieve these goals. The Queensland State Legal Services Council commenced on 1 June 2020. The Board of Directors consists of 32 law firms (suppliers) selected to provide legal services or legal resources to ministries and other entities. The panel is currently scheduled to end on May 31, 2024, with a further 2-year extension possible. The current Professional Services Agreement (QGP0050-18) is divided into 4 tranches and is valid until February 28, 2023 with an option to extend for 1 x 2 years. Redlich Holding`s local government group has the expertise and extensive experience to provide quality legal services to local authorities. The panel began on June 1, 2020 and the first term ends on May 31, 2024. There is another two-year extension option. The Queensland Government may also conduct medium-term update processes and prior to the exercise of renewal options. The panel includes 14 categories of legal services and an additional service area for the provision of legal resources.

Suppliers appointed to the Committee provide services in one or more service categories/areas. Suppliers must sign and meet the center`s national pro bono target of 35 hours of pro bono legal advice per attorney per year. This does not apply to small businesses. Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers is a pre-approved provider to the Queensland Government under the Statewide Legal Services Council, selected to provide legal services to local governments, public companies, statutory agencies and government ministries across the state. SOA documentation, a buying guide and related fact sheets are available to customers via the Queensland Contracts Directory (QCD) or panel.manager@justice.qld.gov.au. Queensland Government departments currently spend over $30 million annually on external legal services provided by lawyers. The Queensland government spends at least as much on other government agencies and bodies. Departments and other entities that choose to do so must designate a Supplier Relations Manager as the primary point of contact for the committee.