Which Is an Example of Legal Psychology Mcq

2.) Forensic psychologists must be proficient in criminology, psychology, and the following: 3. Anaximander The philosopher is credited with first discussing the relationship between psychology and law. 43.) In prisons, the forensic psychologist is not responsible for: 9. Forensic psychology requires an understanding of how the law is applied in the country of practice. 18.) How does forensic psychology differ from clinical psychology in terms of sexual deviance? 1. The definition of forensic psychology is: the application of psychology to legal processes. 39.) MRI is often used in psychological research to examine changes in blood flow from which organs? 8.) Which neurotransmitter is of particular interest in aggression studies? 6. The duties of a forensic psychologist do not include hostage-taking. 46.) Self-harm is considered a risk factor for: 31.) The hypothesis of erroneous eyewitness accounts of events proposed by Loftus (1973) is known as: 11.

The process to become a forensic psychologist varies depending on each country`s education and professional practice guidelines. 37.) The cognitive interviewing approach used by police officers is sometimes referred to as: 35.) According to Hope and Wright (2007), fear can draw attention to the details of a crime because: 4. The development of the use of experts to testify in court has occurred mainly in the following areas: 42.) In the course of criminal proceedings, all of the following psychometric assessments may be used, except: 6.) According to social learning theory, criminals are people who: 12.) Psychopaths who are “unsuccessful” have a lower one: 16.) Which disruption is least likely to be associated with a possible cause of terrorist activity 24.) The cognitive biases of shoplifters are as follows: 13. Psychologists can be consulted in a number of different types of civil cases to assess “psychological harm,” including: 48.) Although not officially recognized as a mental disorder or illness, suicidal thoughts resulting from death row are identified as follows: 41.) Psychologists may be asked to give an opinion on the accused, with the aim of determining: 5.) Lombroso suggested that offenders and non-offenders can be distinguished by 13.) What tool was developed as a result of Cleckley`s psychopathic personality profile? 40.) How many steps are there in the Reid technique? 12. The British Psychological Society (BPS) has three dimensions which the candidate must meet. Which of the following requirements does a candidate NOT have to meet? 36.) Improving memory of details of a crime can be improved by all of the following interview techniques, except: 1.) A forensic psychologist can perform the following tasks: 30.) Canter`s original profile of the railroad killer did not include this element: 2. The wild beast test is an early form of attenuation due to mental illness. 44.) According to Grassian (1983), a psychological effect of solitary confinement is: 25.) All of the following personality traits are associated with “scammers” except: 10. In the United States, forensic psychologists can be accredited by: 47.) Reactive aggression is different from instrumental aggression because: 15.

Forensic psychologists often work in prisons, but can also be found in: 17.) Terrorism could be the result of a breakdown in sense of self, implying 45.) The reasoning and rehabilitation program includes the following skills: 4.) Psychologists can be consulted to assess “psychological harm” in various civil cases, including: 50.) The process of applying psychological methods by a qualified psychologist to support people with mental health problems is called – 3.) denoted. Forensic psychologists in the United States may be accredited by: 38.) In 1908, the issue of false confessions was first addressed publicly in an essay by: 33.) The region of the brain that is theorized to be responsible for facial recognition is 32.) According to Megreya and Burton (2008), which element of recognizing the details of a crime is particularly difficult for witnesses to remember? 14. University training to become a forensic psychologist includes: 7.) Identify the chromosomal abnormality that has been falsely associated with an increase in crime. 34.) In the case of a witness to a crime, conscious treatment may be replaced by: 27.) Disorganized offenders are impulsive. That is, she: 29.) If necrophilia is involved in the murder, what does that mean about the perpetrator`s motivation? 9.) All of the medications listed below may increase the availability of serotonin, except:.