• Cello italiano

  • Auditorium Concordia, San Vito al Tagliamento,...
  • 20150113

For this fall season of musicaclassica or loud music, if you prefer, the Accademia Arrigoni wanted to focus on the involvement of local forces or in any case on the territory and on the collaboration with our Region Associations. Even the musical choices are oriented to the rediscovery and the appreciation of niches sometimes forgotten madi absolute value (it is the case of Federigo Fiorillo edei “friulani” Mario Montico and Josè Bragato), to the proposal of contemporary composers (SimoneFontanelli) while also maintaining the prerogativadivar our orchestra to perform composizioniigiovanili of enfant prodige such as Mendelssohn and Mozart. Established artists alternate with other more young musicians who overlook the music scene with grandetalento and enthusiasm.According to a voice that relives, that of the recently restored FortepianoBachmann, a composer of the unpublished pieces that, thanks also attention reserved to us by Amadeus magazine, they are subtracted from an unjust oblivion. Special thanks to the Municipal Administration that this year has supported the Musical Season and all those who, with a spirit of sacrifice and love for the “culturanostra”, make sure that these little ones but significant events take place.