Newcastle University Entry Requirements Germany

We are a world-class university with a thriving international community. Currently, we have students from more than 120 different countries, including more than 200 students from Germany. Peer mentors will help you in the first year. They are classmates who can help you settle in and answer any questions you may have when you start college. Valid only if you have taken the test within two years of starting your course with us (within three years only for entry 2022) and must be verifiable on the corresponding official website. All candidates are considered individually and we accept a wide range of qualifications. The following admission requirements and offers apply to admission in 2023. Some of our programs have additional requirements such as an audition or portfolio. Before applying, you should check the admission requirements for the chosen degree.

Check the specific admission requirements for bachelor`s degrees or find out how to apply. ABB at Level A is usually the minimum required to enter an undergraduate course. You can check the equivalent grades for the qualifications offered in your country. Some degrees have different entry requirements, so check the specific entry requirements for each degree. It is very important to choose your A-level (or equivalent) subjects carefully, especially if you want to study at a top-tier university. The Russell Group`s guide, Informed Choices, provides advice from admissions professionals on the best subject combinations for a wide range of university courses, as well as the best choices for students who wish to keep their options open. Find out which qualifications from Germany we accept to access the BA and Postgraduate courses in Newcastle. Through one of our contextual itineraries, you can get an offer of up to three classes that are below typical requirements.

We would accept the above scores provided that your pre-university qualifications or bachelor`s degree have been taught and assessed in English. We will ask you to provide a scratch card number so that your WAEC / NECO SSCE English qualification can be verified online. Education agents can help you find the right university and help you apply for a course. They can also offer advice on visas, accommodation, travel, etc. If your first language is not English, you will usually need an IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent to study at Newcastle University. Our English Language Requirements section also lists the alternative English qualifications we accept. Newcastle University is pleased to offer automatic discounts to help EU residents study a bachelor`s degree. The value of the prizes per academic school can be found here. Premiums between 35% and 45% of advertised international tuition fees are available for admission in 2023. Applicants are automatically considered for scholarships based on their application to study at Newcastle University. The scholarship begins in September 2023 and will continue for the duration of your course.

Further information can be found on this page. English language requirements vary, so you should read the “Admission Requirements” section on our postgraduate course pages. Admission to our bachelor`s degree programmes generally requires successful completion of an upper secondary school diploma, similar to the Higher School Certificate (HSC), the highest educational award in New South Wales schools. To check whether your qualification is recognised for direct entry to Newcastle University, please refer to the following admission requirements. If you are not a native English speaker, you must prove that you have sufficient written and spoken English skills before starting your studies. We list the English language requirements as part of the entry requirements for each degree. There are minimum requirements for academic access to Newcastle University by level of study. These vary by country and program. Use the following points to check if your students encounter them. Admission requirements may vary depending on the course you are applying for. Please check the specific entry requirements for postgraduate degrees or find out how to apply.

If you do not meet our English skills, you can first study in our language center. Our typical English language requirements are listed as IELTS scores. You can see them on each course page in the “Admission Requirements” section. If you do not meet the English or academic requirements for your chosen degree, you may be able to take a course at INTO Newcastle University. This brings you to the required level. Our teaching is shaped by research. Course content may change periodically to reflect developments in the discipline, the needs of external organizations and partners, and student feedback. For those who do not meet the academic requirements for direct entry, Newcastle University College of International Education (UNCIE) offers direct pathways to our degrees in a supportive environment designed specifically for international students. Percentage System Requirements for Universities Worldwide Higher education such as degrees and studies can also be assessed for admission.

If you do not meet our requirements in English, additional support is available. You can also take a course to improve your English before you start your studies. We offer them at INTO Newcastle. Please check your course information for more details on requirements. We accept a wide range of qualifications offered for access to our degrees. We take into account qualifications that are not listed individually. What is a contextual offer? Find out more and find out if you are eligible for this pathway or our entry path supported by the PARTNERS program. We offer a full range of undergraduate (BA, BSc, BEng, LLB) and postgraduate (MA, MSc, LLM, PhD) courses as well as core and preparatory courses. Search for postgraduate courses here and undergraduate courses here. Admission requirements are listed on the individual course pages, and more information for students from specific countries can be found here. Please check the course-specific entry requirements as they vary from course to course, with ABB usually being the minimum. Here you will find all the details about the English requirements of the university.

Some degrees have additional requirements such as work experience or a portfolio, others require you to have studied certain subjects at a certain level before entering. If this is the case, we will make this clear in the study information. You will also study a range of optional modules covering topics such as international relations, comparative politics and political theory. Our commitment to teaching quality and an excellent student experience is reflected in our results in national and international student satisfaction surveys. Integrated English Proficiency: ISE III or ISE IV diploma with a minimum ISEII Pass qualification. Hanauer Landstraße 151-153, 60314 Frankfurt am Main 2. You are a national of one of the following countries: You live in the Henry Daysh building of the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, which has been recently renovated at a cost of £60 million. Others have used their skills equally successfully in media, law, finance, business consulting, education, human resources, marketing, business and academia. Your bachelor`s degree has been taught and assessed in English and you have completed your studies with us no more than three years before starting your studies (within four years only for 2022). The Language Centre offers a friendly, supportive and culturally diverse atmosphere as part of Newcastle University`s wider environment.

Each year, the center successfully trains about 800 students from more than 30 countries. Our state-of-the-art linguistics program with German is characterized by the research orientation of our world-renowned employees. This ensures that you can explore the latest ideas and the most exciting areas of linguistics, such as: You will explore linguistics in the context of the English and German languages.