New Homes Law Solicitors Reviews

New Homes Law helped me sell my property. Their service was transparent and excellent. They react to everything quite immediately, which is not always the case with lawyers in this process. Many thanks to Beth Warrington and Nadine Bass there. We had to change lawyers at the last minute and these guys were amazing!! I was extremely stressed and thought I would never move into my house and Aysha and Olivia took over my case, they changed everything and finished it in 2 weeks, absolutely amazing talking to me throughout the process and keeping me up to date. Many thanks to Aysha Dhanjee and Olivia Yong. I definitely recommend, if you`re buying a common property, don`t trust anyone but these guys:) Thank you for visiting our website. We are a family real estate lawyer and property transfer specialist who started one morning in January 2012 and has so far successfully helped and supported hundreds of clients who buy or sell their homes. I chose New Homes Law because I spoke to a few lawyers before appointing one that really caught my attention. They took the time to explain the answers to my questions, and nothing was too much for them in that regard. I use them for property transfer, I am still going through the process and I am still very satisfied with their excellent service and I am sure it will continue – thank you New Homes Law. Well, I`m so impressed with the after-sales support I received from New Homes Law.

I would especially like to highlight Jessica, who really went out of her way to satisfy all aspects of our request for a satisfactory and quick conclusion with a chirping but professional attitude. I have used the New Homes Act before and have since recommended it to my friends and family and would not hesitate to continue to do so. They are simply. Bright. Do not use! The choice of the law on new homes is the beginning of a nightmare. The treatment of customers is pretty terrible. 1. A question, you should wait 72 hours for an answer, get none and then have to call them, always resend an email at the last minute before they close and you don`t have a chance to contact them. Then another new day to move on. 2. No one else shall take over on vacation.3.

Paid the deposit, prepared all the documents and signed the exchange contract. And then, from the beginning, ask the same questions (which were answered earlier). Delayed by almost 2 months. 4. I switched to a new sponsor and only received responses when the new lawyer told me he would file a complaint.5. Do not rush the files to the new carrier, transfer the deposit to the new law firm on the last day (closing day).6. My purchase process has been completed for 1 month, but so far I have not received my refund. The New Home Act has made the process of buying a home so stressful for me. I repeat, do not use!! PS: Since the AML review is still ongoing, I wonder why you asked me to sign all the exchange contract documents and charge all the fees. Now you can say I wasn`t allowed for your company to check my AML, that was my reason and all the work you did for me, you can`t give me back a penny. It`s a trap.

Home ownership is the purchase and/or sale of a property on the open market. We can work for you both in the sale and purchase of your new home. Hello, thank you for taking the time to leave us a comment. After contacting you directly, we understand that there were issues in your file that you do not want to discuss. We also note that none of our internal grievance processes have been used to alert management to your issues, so we cannot attempt to correct the situation or assess what went wrong. We can only apologise that your experience with the team has not been as planned and if you would like to contact us in the future to discuss your experience, please email, Customer Care Evolve Law is an exciting law firm that provides world-class residential real estate services to its clients. Why don`t you learn more about us and why we are different from others. Our team is made up of ordinary, customer-oriented people who are motivated to do things differently and go the extra mile. We have a professional and proactive ethic both towards our clients and towards our human resources development. Through training and support, we help our employees gain the knowledge and skills they need so that they, in turn, can safely guide you through the process of buying or selling a property.

It is important that when you mortgage an existing home, you also hire a sponsor to help you with the process.