Monash Legal Clinic

We do not provide legal advice by telephone, email or through the Website. For assistance, please call to make an appointment. Monash Law Clinics can provide you with FREE legal advice and can also offer legal assistance* in the following areas: SMLS has opened a telephone service through which people can get free and confidential legal assistance. When you arrive at the Legal Clinic for your appointment, you will be asked to sit in the waiting room until your name is called by one of the students at the Legal Clinic. Although students make an effort to see you at the scheduled time of the interview, it is not always possible to predict how long the interviews will last, so there are sometimes delays. Do you have a legal problem? MSA establishes a strong relationship with Monash Law Clinics (formerly Monash Oakleigh Legal Service) to ensure students are informed of the free legal services they may receive. The student(s) will then contact you and advise you on your legal situation. They will discuss with you options on how the problem could be dealt with and resolved. They will also let you know if you need to make other appointments. The clinic works in an open communication environment and promotes the reporting of complaints. If a client wishes to file a complaint, it must be in writing and addressed to the Director of Monash Law Clinics: 60 Beddoe Avenue Clayton 3168 or by email to: We help people solve their legal problems and we see the barriers that many people face in our justice system. We work to change unjust laws and systems and amplify the voice of our community.

Under the supervision of experienced lawyers, Monash law students learn new skills outside the classroom. practical skills, including client relations and how to navigate the legal system. In Australia, many people do not have access to justice due to high legal fees, asylum seeker or refugee status and other socio-economic barriers. Although publicly funded legal aid is available, these services turn 160,000 people away each year because they lack the capacity and funding to meet overwhelming demand. SMLS is a legal centre of the Community. This means that we do not charge a fee for our services and can only help people with their legal problems if they have a low income and other established criteria. Please contact us to find out if you are eligible. One or two students will interview you and gather all the relevant facts about your legal case. Students will also review your records. This helps students gather all relevant information.

Monash has two legal advice centres in Melbourne. To make an appointment, an email or call 1800 860 333. South-East Monash Legal Services provides free and confidential legal services The main categories of legal issues are: Starting in 2018, Monash Law will provide guaranteed clinical training to all students who wish to incorporate a practical component into their Monash Law degree. We guarantee our students a place in the clinical legal education program to develop their knowledge, experience and confidence. Monash University currently has two legal departments: Find out what types of clinics we have available and what they offer. The expansion of Monash Legal Clinics in Melbourne`s central business district, Clayton, and in partnership with South-East Monash Legal Service, underscores Monash Law`s commitment to supporting vulnerable members of our community while educating our students in practical, ethical and professional legal practice. Monash Legal Clinics are a free community legal center, so you don`t have to pay for legal advice, but processing your case can incur costs, especially when it comes to going to court. You may be eligible for legal aid, which can cover these costs. Otherwise, you are responsible for paying these costs yourself.

They could include court fees and the cost of having a lawyer appear in court for you. CLE gives Monash law students the opportunity to work in real community law clinics run by (or in collaboration with) Monash Law. CLE provides you with real clients looking for legal advice for the many problems that life can throw at you. This is compounded by the insufficient number of practitioners able to provide legal assistance and the tightening of government standards for access to assistance. The result is an increasing number of people falling through the cracks. Our Clinical Internship Program is part of the Expanded Clinical Program – placement of law students in organizations both within and outside the legal sector. The program focuses on new and emerging sectors, as well as sectors in which our alumni live, and has provided our students with meaningful experiences that equip them with the skills the industry currently demands. If you wish to access this service, you must make an appointment. Please bring all relevant documents and information with you. Visit the Monash Legal Clinics website for more information.

We are the first law school in Australia to offer such a guarantee to our students. This reflects our belief in the transformative impact of experiential education. to the southeast, including the city of Greater Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia. “I had nowhere else to go. I am truly grateful for the help I have received. If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, contact us via the National Relay Service at 1800 555 660. We offer free interpretation services for people who speak a language other than English. The role of the interpreter is to objectively translate conversations between lawyer and client. We prefer to use accredited interpreters to ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of the information. Monash Law Clinics Melbourne opens on July 16 at Level 11, 555 Collins St, Melbourne Monash Law Clinics allow our students to broaden their experience beyond traditional law and gain valuable hands-on experience with clients enhancing their employability in both traditional and non-traditional sectors.

Monash students can apply for internships with the following organizations: For more information, see: – Intervention Orders (Domestic Violence and Personal Safety) Level 11, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.