A Bank in Music

"This project best expresses the concept of the Community Bank that we have been striving to promote for a long time: combining the promotion of the territory and the excellence of its expressions, in this case artistic, is the main objective of a Credit Institution that does not have to give back dividends to its shareholders but gives back to its people the revenues it produces locally. Being one of the leading players in Friuli Venezia Giulia in terms of branch presence in the territory and number of employees gives us, in this sense, an even greater responsibility to our people.   

The path of "A Bank in Music" is somewhat emblematic of the evolution of our credit union in recent months. The initiative started in the spring in Friulovest Banca's historical territories, namely in Western Friuli, and then landed in Codroipo, the only point of intersection with BancaTer.

In this second tranche of concerts, the billboard touches Sacile, that is, the westernmost city in the region, and then makes stops in dynamic realities of the left side of the Tagliamento River, such as Cividale and Latisana (where the collaboration with BancaTer has always been active), and then concludes in Udine, where we have our operational headquarters.

The unity of purpose with the Arrigoni Academy allows us, therefore, to set up a playbill of considerable depth, managing to intercept audiences from the most diverse provincial realities. A more unique than rare opportunity to listen to our musical talents, remembering that culture is a cornerstone of the promotion of the well-being of the person."

Luca Occhialini

President Bank 360 FVG


A new Bank (Bank 360FVG), new concert series, but the old, healthy will to promote the culture and entertainment in the area.

This time the boundaries in correspondence with the geographical expansion of the "Institute of Credit patron" that even in its name wanted to emphasize its rootedness in the territory. They will in fact be concerts that this time will be mainly aimed at the province of Udine with the sole exception of Sacile.

The artistic proposal is also strongly linked to the territory, its excellences and its ideativity best, with an ideal journey that starting from "classical" music through a noble proposal of revisiting the great Leonard Bernstein in a jazz will land to the great dance music hits of the 1970s and '80.

From the most paradigmatic ensemble chamber ensemble formed by the Violin and Piano Duo Sebastianutto-Bonini with the great German and French Romantic music to another less usual Duo but equally fascinating and a decidedly "Atypical" proposal: the Violin of Francesco Comisso who this time is joined by the accordion of Sebastiano Zorza, two artists pride of our Region.

The revival of the great hits related to famous Musicals such as West Side Story by the famous Conductor/Composer Leonard Bernstein will bring to Cividale the Jazz by the Coen quintet; there will also be an evening at the Giovanni da Udine Theater, where another great "Friulian brand," that of Ceghedaccio, will see on the stage a great symphony orchestra with Arrigoni strings and the best hits that have made generations of young people dance in discos around the world. An evening that will close this second review music also under the banner of fun.

Proposals for all tastes in the hope that they will see a mixture of audiences even of different natures and interests demonstrating that any musical genre, if interpreted by quality artists, can meet the favor of all at ..360 degrees.

Dominic Mason

Arrigoni String Academy