Who we are

L'Academy of Strings G.G. "Arrigoni" is a Cultural Association based in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) and is named after the San Vito musician-composer Gian Giacomo Arrigoni (1597-1675). Since 2009 it has pursued the mission of training young musicians in the chamber and orchestral music, proposing advanced courses with established teachers from around the world and enhancing them in orchestral activity alongside internationally renowned conductors and soloists. L'youth orchestra' counts within its staff, the presence of several winners of national and international violin competitions. Since 2010, the Academy has been promoting the "St. Vitus Music" musical season, a series of appointments where concerts are offered to coincide with important anniversaries and themes, and where the protagonists of the stage are famous soloists and conductors engaged in sought-after musical repertoires. Among the Academy's activities since 2016 is also the organization of the International Competition "Little Magic Violin."  intended for young violinists from all over the world, up to age 13. The event, which takes place in San Vito al Tagliamento during the first week of July, is streamed live, thus representing Friuli (and all of Italy) to the world.

Board of Directors
President: Sante Fornasier
Vice president: Patrizia Ballarin
Secretary: Luca Anese
Councilor: Angelo Battel
Advisor: Giorgio Nadalin
Auditor: Dr. Paolo Ciganotto

Artistic and musical director
M° Domenico Mason

Guest director
Maestro Filippo Maria Bressan